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Here is an effective facial called a charcoal facial, charcoal peel, or carbon peel. It’s a super easy laser treatment that won’t mess up your day, and it uses activated charcoal to make your skin look awesome. The laser totally blasts off the carbon from the skin when it’s done perfectly. You know when you get rid of all that dead skin, makeup gunk, and oily stuff from your pores? Well, it leaves your skin looking super radiant and glowing! Plus, say goodbye to those pesky blackheads.

This is supposed to scrub away dead skin, shrink pores, even out your skin tone, and make your skin feel super soft and look super glowy. It totally gets rid of dead skin cells, blackheads, and oil. 

Reveal cleaner and smoother skin with Carbon facial.  

What are the causes of vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin disease in which the skin loses its colour, leaving behind white spots or depigmented areas. It is not known for sure what causes vitiligo, but it is thought to be a mix of genetic, autoimmune, and environmental factors. It is thought that genes play a role because people with a family history of vitiligo are more likely to get it themselves. Autoimmune factors may also play a role. This is when the body’s immune system targets and kills melanocytes, which are the cells that make skin colour. Vitiligo can also be caused by things in the environment, like worry, pain, or being exposed to certain chemicals or toxins. But more study is needed to fully understand the complicated reasons for this disease. 

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