Fungal infections/ringworm infections

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Ringworm, like other fungal skin illnesses, is fairly infectious among people. You may contact someone with ringworm or another fungal illness on their skin without contracting it yourself if you wash your hands well afterwards.

The parasitic fungi that cause ringworm enter and feed on sloughed-off skin. (Despite what its name may imply, it is not caused by a worm.) Some of the many different kinds of fungus are capable of infecting the skin, the nails, and the hair.

Dermatophytosis, sometimes known as “jock itch” or “tinea,” is an illness caused by the fungus Trichophyton rubrum. Ringworm of the skin (also known as tinea corporis) is the only topic covered in this pamphlet.

What are the causes of fungal infection?

Fungi infect the skin, hair, and nails, causing dermatophytosis or ringworm infections. Fungal infections result through direct contact with infected people, animals, or things. Skin-to-skin contact, sharing towels or clothes, or contact with fungal-infested surfaces may spread fungi. Fungal infections are more likely in warm, humid conditions, poor hygiene, weaker immune systems, and public activities like strolling barefoot or utilising community showers. Fungal infections must be identified, treated, avoided, and managed quickly.

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