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Urticaria, often known as Hives, is a skin condition in which red, itchy, swollen lumps appear suddenly and last for days or weeks. These pimples might manifest as a response to allergies or for unknown causes. They don’t last around for more than a day or two, and when they’re gone, they leave no mark. These growths may appear anywhere on the skin and range in size. Plaques are clusters of beehives that have joined together. Angioedema is the medical name for when these lumps occur subcutaneously. It’s similar to hives, but the symptoms last for much longer, and the swelling goes away in 24 hours or less.


What are the causes?

Urticaria has several potential causes. Idiopathic urticaria occurs when the cause is unknown, but common triggers include stress, emotional triggers, physical stimuli (pressure, heat, cold), infections (viral or bacterial), autoimmune disorders, and allergic reactions to food, medications, insect bites, or other allergens. Effective management of urticaria requires identifying and treating its unique trigger or root cause.

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