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CryoPen has made the removal of plantar and palmar warts almost painless. CryoPen is a medical treatment in which nitrous oxide gas is applied to the skin under high pressure to freeze and remove undesirable lesions.

The skin lesion may be destroyed by exposing it to temperatures as low as -89 degrees Celsius, which the tip of the Cryopen can achieve. Depending on the lesion’s size and composition, the treatment time might range from seconds to minutes. It is possible to cure certain lesions in as little as two sessions.

Causes of Plantar & Palmar Warts

The viral infection that causes plantar warts and palmar warts often infects the skin’s stratum corneum. Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is the causative agent.

Plantar warts are caused by a type of HPV that is not very infectious. As a result, the virus is not readily spread from person to person via casual interaction. However, it does best in warm, damp places. This means that both adults and children who choose to go barefoot in public showers and changing rooms run the risk of contracting the virus. It’s possible that more warts will form if the virus spreads from the original infected area.

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